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Does Your Additional Working Capital Let You Thrive Again?

Does your additional working capital loan let you thrive again? | AccordExpress

We understand you burned through your working capital to survive the past few years. Paying employees, suppliers, rent and maybe a little bit for you and your family.  We understand this has occurred to small businesses across the country. You’re not alone.  Many loan products claim they’re designed for small businesses, but are they really?  Loans with repayment terms of 6, 9, 12 months with daily or weekly payments, “may” let you survive, but definitely not thrive.  You wouldn’t have the capital long enough to invest in inventory or people, let alone funding your growth.  Do those products sound like they were built for your business?

AccordExpress was built for small businesses by small business experts.  Every component of AccordExpress was designed to help businesses like yours.  How does an initial 6-month deferral sound?  Our goal wasn’t helping you survive, but rather thrive once again.

Loan terms and conditions you can understand, clearly outlined on your credit approval. We don’t use terms like repayment factors, interest factors or have complicated answers to simple questions like, what is the rate?  Or can I pay off my loan early and what is the penalty.

Your loan agreement with us, is exactly that, a Loan Agreement, not another structure that doesn’t require disclosure of an actual interest rate.  Something for you to consider.

See if an AccordExpress Loan is right for your business.  Beyond a product designed for you, imagine a lender who understands you and your business!  This is just the beginning of our relationship.  Accord can be here to help you as your business grows.  Accord solutions help businesses from coast to coast in both Canada and the United States with solutions up to $20 Million and beyond.

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